15th International Conference on
Heavy Metals in the Environment


There are numerous opportunities for your company to participate in 15th ICHMET at a level appropriate to your budget. They are described briefly here. Additional details are available upon the request (This e-mail adress is protected from spam. Enable JavaScript support to read it. ).

We invite you to participate by:

  • showing your chemical analysis and/or your environmental research related products during the conference exhibition,
  • offering a conference seminar,
  • contributing technical presentations to the meeting
  • advertising in conference publications and on souvenirs, and
  • sponsoring activities and awards (for poster sessions and travel).

Advertising in the conference program/abstract booklet

A booklet will be published for the conference containing the program and abstracts for distribution to all participants (on pen driver). Half - and full-page advertising space will be available. Exhibitor materials can also be included separately in the registration package at the same rate as advertising in the program booklet.

Instrument exhibition

An exhibition area will be prepared at the internal courtyard of GUT. Instrumentation and chemicals, glassware, publications, and supporting software may be displayed.