Polish Academy of Sciences
Committee for Civil Engineering
Section of Structural Mechanics

Gdańsk University of Technology
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Structural Mechanics

Polish Society of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics
Gdańsk Branch


Aleksander Kołodziejczyk
   Rector of the Gdańsk University of Technology

Ryszard Krystek
   President of the Executive Board of
   the Foundation for Civil Engineering Development

Jan Balcerowski
   Zakład Remontowo-Budowlany


Wojciech Pietraszkiewicz - chairman
Jan Awrejcewicz
Jacek Chróścielewski
Michał Kleiber
Paweł Kłosowski
Piotr Konderla
Marian Królak
Tomasz Lewiński
Czesław Szymczak
Krzysztof Wiśniewski
Rościsław Tribiłło
Zenon Waszczyszyn
Czesław Woźniak
Jerzy Ziółko


Paweł Kłosowski - chairman
Czesław Szymczak - vice-chairman
Jarosław Górski - secretary
Ireneusz Kreja - secretary
Czesław Branicki
Robert Jankowski
Marek Jasina
Izabela Lubowiecka
Marek Skowronek
Wojciech Witkowski


  • Prof. Jacek Chrościelewski, "Numerical Analysis by FEM of the Non-Linear Problems of Multifold Shell Structures", Gdańsk University of Technology, POLAND
  • Prof. Philippe G. Ciarlet, "Mathematical Problems in Shell Theory", Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, FRANCE
  • Prof. Wilfried B. Krätzig, "Computational Shell Mechanics including Local 3D Response Phenomena", Ruhr-Universität Bochum, GERMANY
  • Prof. Bernd H. Kröplin, "On mechanics of pneumatic structures", Universität Stuttgart, GERMANY
  • Prof. Krzysztof Magnucki, "Strength, Stability and Optimisation of Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks", University of Zielona Góra, POLAND
  • Prof. Peter E. Tovstik, "Stability of Thin Shells: Asymptotic Methods", St. Petersburg State University, RUSSIA


  • The Conference program will include general lectures and contributed papers presented as lectures. In case of very large number of contributed papers, some of them will be presented during a poster session with 2-3 minutes short oral presentation.
  • All of the contribution abstracts (2 pages in English) will be rigorously reviewed prior to acceptance. The accepted abstracts will be included in the Conference book of abstracts, which will be available for the participants at the registration desk. Full length manuscripts of the selected papers will be further considered for publication in a special volume of a recognized technical journal (Archives of Civil Engineering, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences). The Abstract Guidelines are included on a separate sheet or can be downloaded from the Documents section.
  • An exhibition related to the Conference themes provided by contractors, system manufacturers and consultants will be organized during the event.
  • The Conference venue will be the comfortable hotel "Neptun" located in the attractive leisure region of the Hel Peninsula at the Baltic Sea. Standard accommodation is organized in double and triple rooms. Accommodation in single rooms or in 2 bed apartments is available with an extra charge.
  • The standard 300 US dollars registration fee will cover the full board accommodation, banquet and the book of abstracts. For accompanying person the standard fee is 250 US dollars (no book of abstract included).
  • The Conference lecture can be delivered in English or in Polish.
  • Post-conference excursion to Gdańsk Old Town will be organized on October 12 (Saturday).

Submission of 2 pages abstract
April 30, 2002
Notification of accepted authors and the third announcement
June 15, 2002
Payment of the conference fee:
standard rate
July 15, 2002
20% higher rate
August 30, 2002