CONFERENCE TRANSPORTATION A special conference shuttle-bus will be provided to help the participants to reach the "Neptun" hotel in Jurata
On Tuesday, October 8, 2002,
the bus will collect passengers at
awaiting time
Airport Gdańsk-Rębiechowo 1800-1815
Main railway station in Gdansk: "Gdańsk Główny" 1845-1900
Main railway station in Gdynia: "Gdynia Główna Osobowa" 1940-1955
The bus is expected to arrive at Jurata Hotel "Neptun" about 21 o'clock.

On Wednesday, October 9, 2002,
the bus will collect passengers at
awaiting time
Main railway station in Gdynia: "Gdynia Główna Osobowa" 645-700
The bus is expected to arrive at Jurata Hotel "Neptun" at 815

The regular train connection from Gdynia to Jurata has the following timetable:
Departure from "Gdynia Główna Osobowa" 540 700 845 1100 1310 1505*) 1633 1955
Arrival at Jurata 731 857 1037 1251 1502 1701 1823 2138
*) working days only
The fare is 9.50 zł (~2.30 $). You should buy the ticket at the station before you enter the train.

The regular "PKS" bus from Gdynia to Jurata starts in front of the rail station "Gdynia Główna Osobowa" according to the following timetable:
450 520 (F) 610 (F) 720 820 (F) 850 (F) 920
1025 (F) 1120 1155 (F) 1220 (F) 1320 1400 1450 (F)
1530 (F) 1605 (F) 1620 1730 1810 (F) 1935 2140 (F)
(F) - working days only
The time of journey is about two hours. The fare is 9.40 zł (~2.30 $). The "PKS" ticket office you can find in the main hall of the rail station "Gdynia Główna Osobowa". Private buses, having no regular time table, are also available from bus station "Gdynia Główna Osobowa".

Taxicabs you can find at taxi-ranks located in front of the airport and near most of the rail stations. However, in our opinion it is better rather to call one of the main Taxi Services (phone numbers: 9195, 3015959, 9626, 9192 and many more that you can find in Yellow Pages). To avoid any problems please check if the driver accepts your credit card before you enter the cab.

The cost of the taxi for the journey from Gdynia to Jurata is about 40 US$. During nights and on Sundays the charges are approximately 30% higher.


Registration at Jurata Hotel "Neptun" begins at 1600 on October 8th (Tuesday). That evening a supper will be available till 2200.

During the Conference a special emergency phone will be provided by the SSTA2002 Organizers to assist the Conference Participants and help them find the way to Jurata. From Tuesday, October 8 till Saturday, October 12 a member of the SSTA2002 Conference Organizing Committee will be available 24 hours a day at the (mobile) phone number 0-691-654-554.

Post-Conference Publications

The full version of the paper presented at the SSTA2002 Conference can be submitted to a special post-conference volume of either "Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" (theoretical papers are preferred, TeX manuscript is expected)
"Archives of Civil Engineering" (papers dealing with applications, MS Word manuscript accepted).

The detailed information and GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS can be found in Documents.

Papers should be sent on the address of the SSTA2002 Organizing Committee. The deadline is November 30, 2002.
The final choice the journal will be made by Scientific Committee after the revision of the submitted paper.

Wishing you a nice and save journey to Jurata we are looking forward to meet you at Hotel "Neptun"
ul. Mestwina 38
84-141 JURATA

The SSTA2002 Organizers