The 6th Conference
"Shell Structures, Theory and Applications"
Gdańsk - Jurata, 12 - 14 October 1998
Retro Summary

The sixth Conference concerning actual achievements in research, design, manufacturing as well as repair and rehabilitation of shell structures was held on October 12-14, 1998 in the "Neptun" hotel located at the shore of Gdańsk Gulf in Jurata.

The Conference was organized by the Committee for Civil Engineering - Section of Structural Mechanics of Polish Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Civil Engineering - Department of Structural Mechanics of the Gdańsk University of Technology and by Polish Society of Theoretical and Structural Mechanics, Gdańsk Branch.

The Conference patrons were: Prof. Aleksander Kołodziejczyk, Rector of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Prof. Zbigniew Cywiński, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mr. Włodzimierz Dyrka, Chairman of the Board of Gdańsk Refinery and Mr. Henryk Janczewski, Director of the Oil Pipeline Operating Co. "Friendship", Płock.

The Conference was supported by: Arot via Polska (Leszek Janusz, Paweł Włudarczyk), Asenhajmer Sp. z o.o. (Jacek Asenhajmer, Krzysztof Łubiński), Centrum Techniki Okrętowej (Zbigniew Karpiński), Hoban (Piotr Jasina), Mazurskie Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowo-Budowlane J.W. Ślepsk (Józef Wiszniewski), Mostor s.c. Zakład Robót Mostowych i Komunikacyjnych (Zbigniew Kuncewicz, Sławomir Dudziak), Mostostal Gdańsk S.A. (Lech Walczak, Sławomir Polikowski, Jacek Faron, Krystyna Nowakowska), Polnord S.A. (Andrzej Ubertowski), Polski Rejestr Statków (Jan Jankowski), Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Oddział Regionalny w Białymstoku (Teodor Fiedoruk), Przedsiębiorstwo Eksploatacji Rurociągów Naftowych "Przyjaźń" Płock (Henryk Janczewski), Rafineria Gdańska S.A. (Włodzimierz Dyrka), Sika Poland Ltd. Maciej Tymowski) and Waza Ltd. (Tomasz Potocki). The Conference was also financially supported by the Polish Society of Theoretical and Structural Mechanics, Gdańsk Branch and by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Gdańsk University of Technology.

It has to be stressed that without the financial support the organization of the Conference would have been difficult and probably impossible. At this occasion, we once more give our thanks to all mentioned companies, institution and persons for their support.

The Conference Scientific Committee that took care of scientific matters was:
Prof.. Wojciech Pietraszkiewicz (Chairman, Polish Academy of Sciences, IMP Gdańsk),
Dr Jacek Chróścielewski (Gdańsk University of Technology),
Prof. Golczyk (Technical University of Opole),
Prof.. Stefan Joniak (Technical University of Poznań),
Prof.. Michał Kleiber (Polish Academy of Sciences, IPPT Warszawa),
Prof.. Piotr Konderla (Technical University of Wrocław),
Prof.. Marian Królak (Technical University of Łódź),
Dr Tomasz Lewiński (Technical University of Warszawa),
Prof.. Rościsław Tribiłło (Technical University of Białystok),
Prof.. Zenon Waszczyszyn (Technical University of Kraków),
Prof.. Czesław Woźniak (Technical University of Częstochowa)
and Prof. Jerzy Ziółko (Gdańsk University of Technology).

The Conference Organizing Committee that worked hard was:
Dr Jacek Chróścielewski (Chairman),
Prof. Czesław Szymczak (Vice Chairman),
Dr Jarosław Górski (Secretary)
Dr Czesław Branicki,
Mr. Marek Jasina,
Dr Paweł Kłosowski,
Mrs. Izabela Lubowiecka,
Mr. Marek Skowronek.

The Conference "Shell Structures, Theory and Applications" had a truly international character. In all conference sessions eight general lectures were delivered, 36 papers were presented on oral sessions while 52 papers were presented on poster session. The languages of the conference were English and Polish.

Country Number of participants
Japan 1
Canada 2
Lithuenia 4
Germany 7
Russia 6
Ukraine 5
Total (from abroad) 170 (39)

The first general lecture had delivered Prof. James G. Simmonds (University of Virginia, USA) the world expert in the theory and analytical methods of calculation of shells. He presented main directions of the shell theory development at the end of XX Millennium The second general lecture on dynamics problems in shells was presented by Prof. Czesław Woźniak (Technical University of Częstochowa).

In the afternoon session of the first day proceedings, the next two general contributions were presented. The first one was a general lecture by Dr Jerzy Makowski (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany) and Dr Jacek Chróścielewski (Gdańsk University of Technology) while the second one was a lecture sponsored by Arot Via Polska and prepared by Dr Jan Vaslestad and Dr Adam Wysokowski, presented by the second author. Theoretical and numerical deliberations presented in the first lecture were supplemented by a practical approach to design and erection of shell structures in civil engineering.

The second conference day had been oriented on problems related to engineering practice. The participants had an opportunity to listen to three general lectures. Two of them, devoted to numerical aspects of analysis of shell structures, were presented by Prof. Johann Arbocz (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) and Dr Leszek Konieczny (CTO Gdańsk). The lecturer of the third general paper, Prof Jerzy Ziółko (Gdańsk University of Technology), shared with the audience his experience concerning the overhaul and repairs of metal tanks for oil storage of capacity up to 50,000 m3. A sponsored paper (Gdańsk Refinery) co-authored by Mr. Tomasz Branicki and Stanisław Szaruga was also presented.

The last, third day of the Conference was devoted to theoretical and numerical problems. General lectures, concerning problems of plasticity in shell theory, were presented by Prof. Helmut Stumpf (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany) and Prof. Dieter Weichert (Institut fur Allgemeine Mechanik RWTH Aachen, Germany). Prof. Wojciech Pietraszkiewicz (Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, PAN Gdańsk) presented the general lecture entitled "On the role of finite rotations in shell theory" that closed the list of general lectures.

Each day, conference papers were presented on parallel oral and poster sessions. Abstracts of all papers have been printed in the conference materials. Selected full text papers have been published in a special volume of Archives of Civil Engineering.

During the conference, some traditional events were also organized. First day ended with a banquet followed by dispersed discussion at the music by a Ukrainian "Bryza" band. Next day, an excellent music by the Gdańsk Township "Detko" band was the attraction of the evening meal at which many Conference participants had a chance to present their dancing skills. There was also a tourist excursion organized, touring most attractive sites of Gdańsk and it's surrounding.

Wide attendance of outstanding foreign experts and significant number of papers presented at the VIth Conference "Shell Structures - Theory and Applications" prove continuing progress made in theory, design and construction methods of shell structures.

On a joint meeting of the Scientific and Organizing Committees held after the closure of the Conference, it has been proposed, accordingly to the suggestion of many conference participants, to consider organization of the succeeding "Shell Structures" conference. It has been agreed that a priority goal of the proposed conference should be the improvement of cooperation between theoreticians and practicing professionals dealing with those difficult problems.

Finally, making use of the opportunity, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Prof. Jerzy Ziółko and to all kindly sponsors for their special help in organization of the conference. We thank also Mr. Adam Krupa, manager of the Neptun hotel, the venue of the Conference, for hospitality, and the entire hotel staff for professional service.

Komitet Organizacyjny


  • ARBOCZ J., On the accuracy of numerical buckling load predictions
  • GOLCZYK M., Research and development problems in design, construction and repairs of hiperboloidal reinforced concrete cooling towers
  • KONIECZNY L., Practical application of FEM to design of ship structures at Ship Design and Research Centre (Gdańsk)
  • MAKOWSKI J., CHRÓŚCIELEWSKI J., Shells and shell-like structures. Thermomechanical foundations and computational issues
  • SIMMONDS J.G., The status of nonlinear shell theory at the end of the Millenium
  • STUMPF H., A shell finite element for large strain elastoplasticity with anisotropies
  • WEICHERT D., HACHEMI A., Shakedown of thinwalled structures in the light of advanced material modelling
  • WOŹNIAK C., On dynamics of substructured plates and shells
  • ZIÓŁKO J., Imperfections of steel cylindrical tanks causes, of their origin, methods of limitation and repair


  • ABROSIMOV N.A., BAZHENOV V.G., YELESIN A.V., Numerical analysis of nonlinear deformation and stability for isotropic and composite shell structures under pulse loading
  • AMIRO I.YA., PROKOPENKO N.YA., Study of non-linear oscillations of cylindrical shells
  • ANDRIANOV I.V., ZARUBINSKAYA M.A., Homogenization approach in the theory of reinforced plates and shells under local loading
  • ANTONIAK D., KONDERLA P., Modelling and numerical analysis of prestressed concrete shells
  • BANSEVICIUS R., KULVIETIS G., MAZEIKA D., Optimization of excitation zones for piezoceramic shells
  • BERTÓTI E., Hierarchic dual-mixed models for laminated composites
  • BESPALOVA E.I., KYTAYGORODSKY A.B., Modal analysis of vibrations of laminated bodies of viscoelastic materials
  • BESPALOVA E.I., KYTAYGORODSKY A.B., Nonlinear analysis of flexible shells with structural nonhomogeneity
  • BIELECKI T., LEWIŃSKI T., Asymmetric bending of thin cylindrical shells
  • BLINOWSKI A., Study of the slender string-reinforced pneumatic structures
  • BOGDANIUK M., DOBROSIELSKI T., PUCH W., Modification of bulk carriers corrugated bulkheads strength standard
  • BORUCKA-LIPSKA J., HORSZCZARUK E., LIPSKI M., vOverhaul of inner steel shell plating of the tanks at Świnoujście liquid fuel oils base
  • BRANICKI T.J., SZARUGA S., The corrosion of the storage tanks bottoms at Gdańsk Refinery
  • BURAK YA., ZOZULYAK YU., Energetic approach to the construction of iterative models of thermoelastic shells
  • CHMIELEWSKI T., GOLCZYK M., On structural reliability of natural draught cooling towers
  • CHMIELEWSKI K., SYCZEWSKI M., TRIBIŁŁO R., WISZNIEWSKI J., Problems of forming and realization of the monolithic polyester shell of the yacht hull
  • CICHOCKI M.K., Problems of reinforcement designing for plates and shells
  • CICHOCKI K., ADAMCZYK R., Analysis and application of protective shield structures
  • ĆWIK R., Distribution of stresses in box girders of the overhead cranes loaded with concentrated forces over the web
  • DI CARLO A., A direct theory of shells and laminates with distensible thickness
  • DI CARLO A., TATONE A., Multilayered plates with debonding and laminae with distensible thickness
  • FERANEC V., Local wind pressures on shell structures
  • FERRO V., KREJA I., WEICHERT D., Geometrically non-linear analysis of laminated shells
  • FIALKO S.YU., The high-performance aggregation element-by-element iterative solver for the large-scale complex shell structure problems
  • FILATOV G.V., The calculation of thinwalled shells under conditions of hydrogenation and aggressive medium influence
  • GACHKEVICH O.R., GACHKEVICH M.G., GUMENCHUK O.B., Stress-optimal regimes of heating shells of revolution by convective method and electromagnetic radiation with infra-red frequency range
  • GADOMSKY P.P., KOSSOVICH L.YU., PARFENOVA YA.A., Transverse approximation for transient waves in cylindrical shells
  • GALAEV S.V., BAJANOVA N.S., Transient transverse waves in cylindrical viscoelastic shells
  • GIROUD P., Asymptotic analysis of linearly anisotropic inhomogeneous elastic shells
  • GOŁAŚ J., Critical states of non-uniformly heated circular fibrous composite plates
  • GÓRSKI J., Reliability assessment of nonlinear models of shells with random geometric imperfections
  • GREGORY R.D., MILAC T.I., WAN F.Y.M., A thick hollow sphere compressed by equal and opposite concentrated axial loads; an asymptotic solution
  • GRIGORENKO A.YA., PATSYUK F.N., VLAYKOV G.G., Study of free vibrations of plates with variable thickness
  • GRYCZ J.M., On an explication of the Hamilton-Kirchhoff principle
  • HACKL K., Wavelet based algorithms for elastoplastic shells
  • HASSANEAN Y., TARGOWSKI R., GUERLEMENT G., Limit analysis for rings reinforced circular cylindrical shells under pressure and variable end load
  • HASSANEAN Y., TARGOWSKI R., GUERLEMENT G., Minimum weight design of solid cylindrical shells with non-uniform thickness under lateral pressure
  • HINCZ K., GÁSPÁR ZS., Determination of membrane cutting patterns
  • JASINA M., GÓRSKI J., On simulations of random geometric imperfections in plate and shell models
  • JĘDRYSIAK J., A test of results of substructural model for mesoperiodic plates
  • JONIAK S., A problem of stability loss of a ring-shaped plate loaded by two circumferential forces
  • KAPLUNOV J.D., NOLDE E.V., Lamb-type problems in dynamics of plates and shells
  • KASPRZAK T., KONDERLA P., Limit state of a multilayered shell
  • KAZBERUK A., KRENTOWSKI J., TRIBIŁŁO R., MIEDZIAŁOWSKI CZ., Some problems of design and realization of the reinforced concrete multicurvature shell
  • KLISZCZEWICZ B., KLISZCZEWICZ R., Numerical research on the influence of methods of consideration of horizontal mining deformation on the effort of circular reinforced-concrete tanks
  • KŁOSOWSKI P., WOŹNICA K., Dynamic response of elasto-viscoplastic plates and shells
  • KNABEL J., LEWIŃSKI T., Statics of thin helicoidal shells
  • KOBIELAK S., KLIMEK A., TATKO R., WĘGLORZ M., NYCZKA A., Analysis and design of silos with inverted cone bottoms
  • KORZENIOWSKI R., The effect of the thermal load on the stress state in hyperboloidal reinforced concrete cooling towers
  • KRAWIEC Z., Fatigue analysis of composite structures
  • KRÓLAK M., KOŁAKOWSKI Z., KOWAL-MICHALSKA K., Modal interactive buckling of composite tubular pole structure with intermediate stiffeners
  • KULYABKO V.V., DAVIDOV I.I., Discrete models and nonlinear oscillation analysis of three - dimensional plate - beam systems
  • KURPA L.V., Calculation of shallow shells of the complex form in geometrically nonlinear statement
  • KUTYŁOWSKI R., Topology optimization - convergence problem
  • KUZNETSOV V.V., Kinematic groups and finite elements in solid mechanics with applications
  • LA ROSA G., MESSINA M., RISITANO A., Tangential and radial stresses of variable thickness Belleville springs
  • LEONAVIČIUS M., FLIOTOVIENE R., STUPAK E., The stress-strain analysis of plates with operational and industrial defects
  • LEWIŃSKI T., TELEGA J.J., Two-component plates and shells of minimal compliance
  • LIPING T., ZHIYE C., Application of MWR to the cylindrical shells with arbitrary initial geometrical imperfections in partial ranges
  • LITEWKA P., SYGULSKI R., Analysis of bridge slabs by the finite strip method
  • LUGOVOY P.Z., MEISH V.F., REMEZ N.S., Elasto-plastic behaviour of discrete strengthened shells under nonstationary loading
  • ŁUKASZEWICZ J., Principles of shell statics applied to prognosis of volcanic and seismic hazards
  • ŁUKASZEWICZ J., Steel halls made of shell structures
  • MAGNUCKI K., Stability of horizontal cylindrical shell loaded by internal hydrostatic pressure
  • MALCZEWSKI Z., KOBIELAK S., Analysis of cylindrical adhesion anchorage of the aramid rope used for presstressing of concrete shell
  • MARCINOWSKI J., Sudden changes of buckling pattern in the post-buckling behaviour of plates
  • MARTYNOVYCH T.L., LOBOVA O.V., Analytical method of calculation of double curvature shallow shells - on rectangular plan - under arbitrary boundary conditions and static load
  • MEISH V.F., Mathematical simulation of dynamical behaviour of cylindrical structures with variable stiffeners
  • MEYWERK M., Combined shell-membrane tyre-models for crash simulation in vehicle development
  • MICHALAK B., Stability of slightly wrinkled plates in elastic medium
  • MIKHLIN YU.V., Stability of regular and chaotic modes in post-buckling behaviour of elastic shells
  • MORACHKOVSKA I.O., KURPA L.V., The variational-structural method for the elasto-plastic analysis of thin shallow shells
  • MUC A., Optimization of sandwich plates having frp faces - the application of genetic algorithms
  • NAUMENKO K., Creep-damage analysis in thinwalled structures using a nonlinear shell theory and mechanism-based material model
  • NEMIROVSKY YU.V., VOKHMYANIN I.T., Limit equilibrium and optimum design of rigid-plastic shells
  • OSSADZOW C., TOURATIER M., A refined shear-membrane theory for multilayered shells in statics and dynamics
  • OSTWALD M., Multicriteria optimization of sandwich cylindrical shell with core of different mechanical properties
  • PIETRASZKIEWICZ W., On the role of finite rotations in shell theory
  • POCHTMAN YU.M., MARTYNOVA N.A., Use of the theory of catastrophes for research of stability and optimal design of rubber plates
  • PRZANOWSKA A., BANASZKIEWICZ M., SUN B.-H., BADUR J., Ripples of the interfacial surface - an extension of the Laplace and Buff formulae
  • PUCH W., SPERSKI M., Investigations of buckling of ship plates subjected to combined in-plane loads
  • PYTTEL T., ULBRICHT V., JOHN R., Nonlinear shell theory in convective description with anisotropic plasticity
  • RAVINGER J., Transformation via eigenmodes for dynamic post-buckling behaviour of slender webs and shallow shells
  • ROMANÓW F., MALINOWSKI M., Dynamic stability of sandwich cylindrical shells
  • ROSSIKHIN YU.A., SHITIKOVA M.V., Dynamic stability of an elastic cylindrical shell embedded into an elastic isotropic medium with respect to nonstationary excitation
  • RYMSZA J., Thrust of an arch in non-reinforced concrete bridges as natural prestreeeing force
  • RZĄDKOWSKI R., Vibration of plate with beams in compressible flow
  • SERUGA A., The strain state analysis in prestressed concrete cylindrical shell constructed of precast ribbed panels
  • SERUGA A., The stress and displacement state analysis in cylindrical concrete shells prestressed by separate tendons
  • SHIMIZU S., Strength of sandwich plates as a girder web
  • SIENKIEWICZ Z., RUCHWA M., Dynamic response of a cylindrical shell subjected to explosion
  • SIVAK V.F., Influence of technological and structural factors on the dynamic properties of shells of revolution
  • SŁAWIANOWSKA A., A model of cylindrical shells with moderately large rotations
  • SŁOWEK G. Problems of rehabilitation of RC cooling towers
  • STANUSZEK M., Numerical analysis of large deformations of membrane shells with wrinkling admitted
  • STANUSZEK M., GLOCKNER P.G., Inflatables under arbitrary loads: a generalized computational approach
  • SZWABOWICZ M.L., Geometrical nonlinearity and finite deflection/small strain deformations of thin shell structures
  • TACZAŁA M., Behaviour of plates subjected to linearly distributed loading
  • TOMCZYK B., Vibrations of cylindrical shells with internal mesostructure
  • TOVSTIK P.E., On the large axisymmetric deflections of thin shells of revolution
  • TUMASHOVA O.V., Investigation of the elastic cylindrical shells
  • URBAŃSKI A.J., Finite element formulation of the homogenization problem for plates with periodic microstructure
  • VALLÉE C., FORTUNÉ D., Link between compatibility conditions in shell theory and 3D compatibility conditions
  • VASLESTAD J., WYSOKOWSKI A., Full scale testing of multi plate corrugated steel structures in Poland
  • WALENTYŃSKI R.A., Refined constitutive shell equations
  • WASZCZYSZYN Z., PABISEK E., Bending analysis of elastic-plastic plates by a hybrid NN/FE program
  • WILCZYŃSKI B., Minimum stress optimization of axisymmetric shells
  • WIŚNIEWSKI K., TURSKA E., KLEIBER M., On the normal strain approximation in finite rotation incompressible shells
  • YAKUSHEV V.L., Computer simulation of non-linear shell stability-statistical aspect
  • ZAKHAROV D.D., Boundary value problems for coupled bending and stretching in anisotropic laminates with corner points
  • ZAKHAROV D.D., The dynamic behaviour pecularity of thin laminates with contrast anisotropy directions
  • ZARUTSKY V.A., Effects of discrete placement of ribs on the stress-strain state of cylindrical shells
  • ZARUTSKY V.A., SIVAK V.F., Experimental investigation of stability of shells and recommendations for their calculation
  • ZBOIŃSKI G., OSTACHOWICZ W., A family of 3D-based adaptive finite elements for analysis of complex structures
  • ZIELNICA J., Stability analysis of bilayered elastic-plastic open conical shells
  • ZUBOV L.M., Nonlinear theory of isolated and continuously distributed dislocations in elastic shells