Maciej Baginski

- last modification on May 2016

Currently, I am a professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biochemistry, Gdansk University of Technology (TUG) - Poland.
Originally, I come from Gdansk (Poland) - you can see some pictures of the 1000 years old Town: Mariacka Street , Motlava River , Artus Court .

Below you can find some facts from my scientific life:

  • some details from my c.v.
  • my field of interests
  • the list of my publications
  • the list of my grants

    Here is the list of my selected links to other "chemical" places.

    My current address:
    Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biochemistry
    Faculty of Chemistry
    Gdansk University of Technology
    Narutowicza St 11/12
    80-233 Gdansk

    phone: (++48) (58) 347-15-96 or 347-19-93
    fax: (++48) (58) 347-11-44