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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting with the gift of speech.     Simonides (556 BC - 468 BC)
In the way of an introduction
I have never seen myself any closer to an art critique than a million miles and even less to a literature one. The invitation, or rather, the challenge to write a few words for an introduction to this exhibition caught me absolutely by surprise. This means that this invitation is understandable only at the light of Jacek's gentleness. This has also made it indeclinable. Having said this I undertook this writing with great pleasure yet conscious that my lack of experience in this domain may just provide the reader with a good excuse to skip my lines and to go straight to the poems and watercolours of Kasia and Jacek Krenz, with no sense of guilt.
Still I would like to draw the readers' attention to the fact that it is refreshing to come across with people who discreetly resist to having their attention drained away by the demanding times we live in.  This implies finding motivation and time to make their senses open to impressions and ideas about the world around, and set their imagination geared into turning their recollections and meditations into art forms, beyond the requirements of daily life.
Poems and watercolours come together in pairs of non-obvious relationship. Even though this booklet starts with a “motto”, quoting Simonides' literary image of poetry and painting, presenting each one as an image of the other, I believe it would be a mistake to approach this exhibition looking at poems and watercolours, as mere art synonymous.
The togetherness of words and brushstrokes is intentional, yet I believe there is no point in looking for precise connections between them. Poems and watercolours sit together allowing viewers/readers to admire them and freely explore hidden dimensions, which may interactively emerge.
Poems which spring from the memory of artists well known - poets, writers, painters, dancers, musicians… - point out timeless dimensions and values or just invite the reader to doing so. Watercolours emerge from the memory of nature contemplation and from subsequently capturing colours, dynamics and emotions, offered for interactive viewing, as well.
Innuendo appears to be a chief characteristic of both artistic expressions, which results further amplified by their togetherness. Freedom of expression invites to freedom of enjoyment in all its dimensions and therefore this is why I must stop at this very point avoiding interfering in people's freedom to view, to read and to build up their own interpretations. After all,
Art is always both a conclusion and a starting point.

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