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"A Few Drawings 
with a Feather"


Kasia Krenz is a poet and a painter – her main technique is watercolor. In her art, both fields come together as a very strong means of expression – her poems are very ‘colourful’ and often devoted to paintings and pictures, and her paintings are mostly meant as a visual expression of poetic words. 
So far, she took part in Graphic Workshops in Weimar where working on the border of the two arts – the results of our work was exhibited in Art Galleries in Weimar (Germany), Dignano (Croatia) and Sopot (Poland).
In 2001 she exhibited her watercolors in ExTempore Dignano/Istria, Croatia. 

K.Krenz, Zieliñski J.:
Collecting Sparks. A Story of a Certain Still Life
Zbieranie iskier. Historia pewnej martwej natury.
Gdansk, Bern. Tytu³. 3(43)2001

La Tour. Poems by K. Krenz with photographs by W. Korsak. Disegnodiverso. Torino 1999, translation: Z. Pelczynska-Ananiew.

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