Our community, called "FRATERNIA" is placed in Gdynia, Poland. This is student community organized by St. Francis brothers. The name Fraternia comes from Italian word - frater. It means "brother".

Our community had first meeting on March 15th 1995 and only 3 people took part in this. Now are more less 60 people in our community, mainly students (18-30 years old).

We meet once a week on Saturday. We begin with the mess with people in the church and then we go to the chapel we have our own prayer, which takes about 1 hour. Then usually have different conferences about for example:

About 9pm to 10pm we have time for ourselves - to talk, to eat something etc.

Fraternia is divided on 7 discussion groups. Every group meets once a week sharing the excerpts from Bible and talking different subjects.

Every member of our community belongs to one discussion group and at least one group called "diakonia". There are also few possibilities. We have:

Apart from this we have our own small paper "The Window" with our articles, we often meet outside for example going to cinema etc. We organize parties and holidays for different occasions (and without any occasions too).

Every year in May we go to the pilgrimage to Assisi and in August we have 2 week retreats in the polish mountains.