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Finally... there are small changes on my website. Because its almost spring, the autumn leves was cleaned up, and two completely new pages appeared. One of them is with my research articles while the second contains live images from Gdansk and Gdynia - my hometown.
Some time ago Ive uploaded pictures from Poland and some shots taken during Naked Man Festival in Saidaiji.
Because the climat is getting better and better, I hope that from now on you can find more and more pictures on this site. See you soon....

It is a long time, when last time I have updated my site. Because right now I'm busy with work, probable date of next update is end of december or beggining of january. Please be patient, and in the meantime you may add some comments to the old pictures ;)

Well... as everyone living in Japan can see - autumn came to this place. Some red leaves appeared on my website as well. As usuall with an update I placed a new, autumn gallery. Also please notice the new picture of the week. I know, that this name is not corresponding with the period of time, when I'm changing it, but... if anyone have better name - let me know.

Today's gallery is rather a little bit unusuall. Why it's unusuall? Because you cannot see there Japan, maybe only some Japanese, and me. I'm playing the "main role". :) When you see - you will know what I'm talking about. I must say, it was fun.

Another trip, another gallery - Ushimado. Great thanks to Michiko for this trip.
For the same trip, you may see two panoramas: the view from the Ushimado beach and from the observation tower. The loading may take a while but please be patient.

You are officially welcome to my redesigned and rebuilt homepage. The page still works on the reconstruction mode so that if you notice any mistakes, errors or other troubles, dont hesitate to send me a mail. Please write your comments in the guest-book or, if you wish, you may add them below the pictures.

The new gallery for the trip to Takebe. Thanks to the Volunteers for the very good plan of spending the weekend.
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Chery bloosom in Handayama

Chery bloosom in Korakuen

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31.12.2002 - 1.1.2003
New Year Eve 2002/2003 (foto by Kuba)

31.12.2002 - 1.1.2003
New Year Eve 2002/2003 (foto by miodek)

Gdansk Oliwa and Sopot

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